• Sandra Fox

    Thanks for an “Awesome”  – “Experience a Taste of Dunedin” tour Mark on Monday 7th March. We were lucky enough to have both you and Bruce as our guides and we had so much fun with you. We have friends who will be on a cruise in November and we have recommend you to them. […]

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  • Kanako Hayashi

    Hi Mark We could enjoy South Island tour for 8 days with you, and my nephew who is 10 years old and my niece who is 6 years old were very happy this tour with you. You showed us very beautiful places and we could have great experiences. Also, our accommodations which were motels were […]

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  • Don Pray

    Debbie, Gil, Marion, Sam, Penny and Don from the Crystal Serenity at Dunedin on Feb. 19, 2011 enjoying a great day trip from Mark Dixon and Awesome Tours NZ of the city and the beautiful Otago peninsula. Regards,  Don

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  • Donna & Karl Capello

    Thanks for a great day last week we all had a ball.Have given your details to a friend Glenn who is coming over in March on the Dawn Princess he is interested in doing the tour.One of the best tours we have done Thanks again -Donna, Karl & Sarah Capello.

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  • John Thiele Clarkson

    Bruce thanks very much for taking our group on the ‘Experience a Taste of Dunedin’ tour on Wednesday 22nd December 2010. We were from the Volendam Cruise Ship and we met you at the Dunedin Info Centre. We have kept your Buisness Card and next time we are in Dunedin we would not hesitate to […]

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  • Brad Hedgman

    Hi Mark Just wanted to thank you again for such a fantastic tour. Our whole group thought it one of the highlights of our time in New Zealand. We can thoroughly recommend your tour to anyone seeking  awesome natural scenery & wildlife, amazing urban & architectural sights, (the nice cosy pub lunch was a bonus!) […]

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