Shore excursion day trip

Our family went on a shore excursion day trip with Mark in December 2013. We were very lucky that day, even though we didn’t book a private tour, we ended up having Mark all to ourselves.
We had a lovely day in Dunedin and the Otago Penisula where we saw some rare wildlife including the yellow eyed penguins and were able to visit many attractions in the City including the Olveston house, Baldwin Street,Dunedin University and the city centre.

Mark was a very informative tour guide and really gave us lots of insight into all the attractions we visited. He was especially friendly to our 8 year old boy. Mark also had a very impressive knowledge of the wildlife and took the chance to point out the native birds while we were driving down the penisula.
He was very accommodating to all our little requests – we were able to visit olveston house because of it, it really made for a very fulfilling day in Dunedin.

The vehicle used for the tour was very comfortable- our 8 year old even took the chance to have a nap in it!

We loved spending the day with Mark, and when we go back again, we will be sure to book another tour with him.