• Otago Peninsula & Natures Wonders

    Sunny day out on Otago Peninsula and at Natures Wonders today, with a great group of young international students. Look what’s ‘photo bombing’ the group photo on Allans Beach 🙂 The sheep shed experience finished off a wonderful day after their Wildlife tour at Natures Wonders and feeding the lambs.

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  • Cruise Ship Shore Excursion Dunedin NZ

    Beautiful Sunny day in Dunedin as we welcome the Noordam (its first visit to NZ) and the Dawn Princess. This is the first double cruise ship day for this season and we were booked out visiting Larnach Castle, The Royal Albatross Colony and Natures Wonders not to mention the Dunedin Railway Station & Baldwin Street […]

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  • Shore Excursion Small Group tours Dunedin NZ

    The Golden Princess’s first visit to Port Otago Dunedin New Zealand. We had two lovely groups of passengers today who were able to see not only some of our key city sights but, the Yellow Eyed Penguins, Little Blue Penguins some very large male NZ Fur Seals and some newly born Cormorants.

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  • Spring is in the air.

    Exciting week for our wildlife on the Otago Peninsula as these Aussies have experienced, Cormorants and Little Blue penguins have laid their eggs and the Yellow Eyed Penguins still prospecting and building their nests.

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  • Why small tour groups are better

    Large groups only benefit the tour operator or travel agent who make more money. Of course there are rare instances where traveling in a large group is necessary but more often a small group is a far better value for your dollar. The large group must travel in a large bus which limits the roads […]

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  • Prospecting period for the Yellow Eyed Penguins

    September may have had a few wet days but the Yellow Eyed Penguins and NZ Fur Seals at Natures Wonders were loving it. The Penguins were busy prospecting (finding a place to build their nests) so the viewing was excellent as our two guest from Denver found on their tour.

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