• Chantal Kluiters

    Hi Mark, wanted to thank you for a great day at the Peninsula! Wonderful sight-seeing with a personal guide. What else do you need more 🙂 Had a great experience with the seals and the penquins. We were so lucky to see 7 of these rare penquins. I showed all my pictures to my friend […]

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  • Shirley Smith

    Hi Mark, Your tour was the highlight of our trip to New Zealand….better than any tour the cruise ship offered.The scenery in Dunedin is breathtaking. I have the most beautiful pictures because of your tour. Thank you so very much. “ Shirley Smith

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  • Ann Garson

    Hi Mark, We are finally home after our three-month marathon trip.  I wanted to express my appreciation for all of your assistance in setting up the Otago Peninsula tour we took in February.  The tour was great and I received many compliments from the others who participated in your tour.  I would highly recommend your […]

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  • Sandra Fox

    Thanks for an “Awesome”  – “Experience a Taste of Dunedin” tour Mark on Monday 7th March. We were lucky enough to have both you and Bruce as our guides and we had so much fun with you. We have friends who will be on a cruise in November and we have recommend you to them. […]

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  • Kanako Hayashi

    Hi Mark We could enjoy South Island tour for 8 days with you, and my nephew who is 10 years old and my niece who is 6 years old were very happy this tour with you. You showed us very beautiful places and we could have great experiences. Also, our accommodations which were motels were […]

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  • Don Pray

    Debbie, Gil, Marion, Sam, Penny and Don from the Crystal Serenity at Dunedin on Feb. 19, 2011 enjoying a great day trip from Mark Dixon and Awesome Tours NZ of the city and the beautiful Otago peninsula. Regards,  Don

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