“Meet Perry – King of the Otago Peninsula and the salt of the earth” article

Posted in News on 16th September 2011

A great article on our friend Perry from Natures Wonders.

The world needs more people like Perry. Perry owns the 225-hectare farm on the Otago Peninsula headland, except he would never call himself a landowner; ‘The land owns humans not the other way around.’

Perry is something of a local celebrity. He is the David Attenborough of this Land of the Long White Cloud, only with a requisite slice of Crocodile Dundee that’s-not-a-knife toughness.

Living in a world of astonishing natural beauty — of vistas first seen by captain James Cook, of rugged and fertile volcanic land, of penguin beaches and albatross colonies — Perry is a gentle but passionate conservationist who spreads the word of mother nature as if it were a gospel.

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