Why small tour groups are better

Posted in News on 28th August 2017

Large groups only benefit the tour operator or travel agent who make more money. Of course there are rare instances where traveling in a large group is necessary but more often a small group is a far better value for your dollar. The large group must travel in a large bus which limits the roads and areas the group can visit. Due to the group size larger hotels are required and their restaurants used for group meals. A lot of time is wasted waiting for group members to assemble for a day’s activity, loading the bus etc.
With a small group tour we often travel in a regular mini bus (6 or up to 10 seats), we can take back roads to out of the way places, eat at small local cafes, mingle with the people. A smaller group can stay in quaint, family-run guest houses and local motels. We can walk around town putting us in closer touch with the history and culture. Instead of being insulated on a bus you can experience and participate in the regions you are visiting. Imagine in your own city if you travelled only by motorway and major highways how much of your beloved city would you miss?
For travel in New Zealand’s Stunning South Island there is no better way than with a small group and an experienced tour operator like Awesome Tours NZ. mark@awesometours.co.nz